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Dialysis removes all wastes or toxins from the body like a strainer. The virus does not circulate in the air Dialysis rejects excess body water. Please help
dialysis patients
Due to the very high cost of dialysis, the poor are not able to pay this cost. You can save their lives with your little help. Learn More What does dialysis do for the body? clear clear clear
Your gift fuels our struggle.

Your gift fuels our struggle.

Together, we can provide all patients with access to the care, treatment and guidance they need to cope with a kidney disease diagnosis.
Save the poor kidney patients

Save the poor kidney patients

With your help we can save Kidney patients. Join us to save patients.

What is the role of the Afghan Kidney Association?

Afghanistan seriously affected by war, economy of the people is very low, health awareness is very low, health service in the rural areas is poor, transportation and road condition is very poor security is worse in most part of the country; naturally Afghanistan is very mountainous and very cold and long winter. All of the mentioned factors are limiting patients with kidney problem to get access to the early diagnose and treatment.

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